AI starter toolkit that helps you be more productive!

Create your very own dynamic content tools, powered by AI.
Just write simple verbal-style instructions! No coding required!


What is PromptStart?

PromptStart is your everyday AI toolkit. Use it to build AI content tools easily, then use those tools to speed up your everyday tasks!

Easy, Frictionless Setup

PromptStart is packed as a single HTML file. No installation or servers required. Simple setup process. Double-click and run it in a modern web browser.

Your Very Own AI Tools

Start fast with our free 8-prompt starter pack! Then edit them to your heart's content or build your own tools easily by writing simple prompts! See the demo!

Flexible Use-Cases

Need entertainment content for your kids? Or writing help for your marketing team? Go for both and more! The limit is your imagination.

Google-Powered AI

PromptStart uses Google's powerful Gemini AI to generate content with your prompts!

Easy Prompts Management

Easily view all your prompts on one page and organize them quickly with drag-and-drop. Add, delete or make changes to your prompts with a point-and-click interface!

Export & Import Prompts

Bring your prompts wherever you go! Export and import them in a single .prompt file and use them across devices. Never forget your tools again!

Build Conversational Tools

Get the conversation going with PromptStart AI. Build prompt tools that enables clarifying or asking follow-up questions!

Maximum Privacy

PromptStart does not store your prompts or settings on our servers. Instead, we save them in your browser so you have maximum privacy and flexibility to your content!


One-time Pricing

There are no monthly fees. Simply pay a one-time fee and you get to keep the PromptStart script forever.



$ 29 one-time

  • PromptStart Script (1 HTML file)
  • Free 8-Prompt Starter Pack
  • Easy Prompt Creation & Management
  • Lifetime Updates

Have Questions?

Get answers to some of the common questions below!

PromptStart is an AI starter toolkit that uses AI technology to generate content based on inputs from you, the user. PromptStart uses Google Gemini Pro under the hood, which has a limited but generous free service.
A prompt is an instruction written in human language and fed to an AI system to perform a task. The AI system will interpret the prompt using its language model and provide a meaningful response accordingly.
At this time, PromptStart is based on Gemini Pro, Google's language model. We plan to support OpenAI's language models next, and other models in future versions.
No. PromptStart is for personal use. Please do not resell/share with others in whole or in parts.
No. PromptStart is designed for use on your personal device (ie; your computer or mobile device with a modern browser installed) to keep your API key safe.
Yes. PromptStart is designed to allow the easy addition of new prompts without any coding or design skills. Just provide simple information to set up your prompts. See the prompt creation tour.
No. As PromptStart is a digital product, we'll not be able to offer refunds.
No. We currently offer simple and affordable one-time pricing.
Google currently offers a free tier for Gemini Pro. If you use it within the given limits, there will not be any charges. Check out Gemini Pro's pricing and limits. That said, you can also use your existing paid Google Gemini account API key with PromptStart.
Based on Google's terms of use, the prompts submitted to and the responses received from the free version of Gemini Pro will be used for improving their AI service.

PromptStart runs directly in your browser and does not collect or use any information from the user. However, we do store the last response you received for each of the 8 AI tools, inside your browser, which is not accessible to us.

This is to facilitate your easy retrieval of the last piece of content generated, without running the AI tool again.
PromptStart uses the default safety settings currently. If you want to make adjustments, you can do that on the Google AI Studio, under "Run Settings" section.
Yes! You can register here to receive a free trial link in your email inbox.
About PromptStart

Your AI Swiss Army Knife!

PromptStart is the ultimate AI starter toolkit for anyone ready to unlock the potential of AI.

Our goal is to empower you to easily create visually stunning, customizable AI tools that can help you be more productive!

Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or just someone looking gor entertainment, PromptStart is your gateway to an insightful experience.

Build with AI and discover a whole new world of possibilities!


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